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BATTING HELMET (MANDATORY for all levels) – The league does not provide batting helmets for players due to sanitary reasons.   A helmet is required to play.  Sizes vary per child, ensure it is fit snuggly while allowing plenty of visibility.


BAT (OPTIONAL) – The league will provide different size bats at all levels.  Many players prefer their own bat.   If purchasing your own bat, a few key tips.  

LENGTH – Place the bottom of the bat in the center of your chest, pointing it to the side, parallel to your outstretched arm. If you can comfortably reach the top of the bat with your fingertips, the bat is the right length.  Stand the bat up against the side of your leg. If the end of the bat reaches the center of your palm when you reach down, it’s the appropriate length.

WEIGHT – The best weight is very much based on feel. If you take multiple swings and the bat feels heavy or begins to drop, then it’s probably too heavy for your needs. Try holding the bat handle and extending your arm to your side. If you can’t hold the bat extended for 30 to 45 seconds, the bat might be too heavy for you. Be sure to look at the “drop weight” as well. A bat’s drop is the measurement determined by subtracting the weight of the bat from its length. For example, a bat that is 30 inches long and weighs 20 ounces will be a “drop 10” bat. The greater the drop weight, the lighter the bat. Larger, stronger players tend to favor less of a drop weight, which can result in increased power. Smaller players can benefit from greater drop weight, which can help with bat speed.  Players in A and AA typically learn to swing best with drop 11 or drop 12 bats, but you should take your player to a sporting goods store like Dick’s, if you’re unsure of your player’s needs.

Players in A and AA do not have any bat standard requirements.   Players in AAA and Majors MUST use a USA Baseball stamped bat. There will be a sticker on the bat, as shown below.


UNIFORM SHIRT/HAT (MANDATORY for all levels) – All players will be provided uniform shirts and hats by the league


UNIFORM PANTS/BELT/SOCKS (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for AA thru Majors) – Baseball pants are encouraged for all players.  Some player prefer knee length while others full length. Tip: lightly used baseball pants are often put on Facebook exchange sites, especially for younger age players that grow out of them after one season.


ATHETIC CUP (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for AA thru Majors, and MANDATORY for all Catchers).  If yours is a returning player and they intend to re-use their athletic cup, please have them try on it on for proper fit prior to the season


CLEATS (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all levels) – no metal spikes


GLOVE (MANDATORY for all levels) – Typically AA/AAA players use 9½”  to 11” size gloves.  Majors players typically use 11” to 12” size gloves.  This is a player preference and is another instance where you should take your player to a sporting goods store like Dick’s, if you’re unsure of your player’s needs.   Specific position gloves are not necessary, as all players will rotate positions.


CATCHERS EQUIPMENT (OPTIONAL) – The league will have catchers gear available for each game, to include mask, chest protector, shin guards and catchers glove. Reminder: if your player wants to player the catcher’s position, they must have an athletic cup on when they arrive at the field.


EQUIPMENT BAG (RECOMMENDED) – Players typically bring, bat, helmet, glove, batting gloves, water and snacks to practices/games.   A bag is recommended to carry all this.


BATTING GLOVES (OPTIONAL) – Many kids prefer to wear batting gloves while batting.  This is player preference only.   Color/style does not matter.


SUNGLASSES (Recommended for AAA and Majors) This can be a useful item to have, especially for AAA and Majors players playing on Casey Field.