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2020 NBSA A League Rules

1. Rules of Game: 

  1. Length of game 3 innings (1-hour maximum, but extra inning can be played if time permits). 

  2. No score will be kept (there are no winners or losers). 

  3. Coaches should have a set batting order to ensure that all players bat during their offensive half of the inning. 

  4. Offensive coaches will stand in the first base and third base coach’s boxes to instruct the players. 

  5. All players will play in the field during their defensive half of the inning. 

  6. Players and coaches from each team will shake hands at the end of the game. 


2. Pitching: 

  1. Managers/Coaches will pitch to their own team.  Coaches will pitch from the pitching mound. or may move closer to the batter’s box if coach feels it’s necessary.  It is strongly recommended that the coach pitch from his knees. A player should be limited to 5 pitches. If the player does not get a hit, they can go to first base (a batting tee may also be used at the coach’s discretion).


3. Batting: 

  1. Each player must bat during their offensive half the inning. 

  2. Players MUST NOT throw the bat after hitting the ball, it should be dropped. 

  3. Managers/Coaches are to set a batting order to insure that each player bats. 

  4. Coaches will either use a tee or will throw 5 pitches and there are no balls and strikes called

  5. A player may hit off a tee or they may walk to first base if they do not hit the coach’s pitches.  A child must be given every opportunity to hit the ball into play.  

  6. Only one player is allowed to be “on deck” with a bat and helmet - ALL other players must remain in the bench area. (This is a safety issue and MUST be enforced.) 

  7. All players that are batting, on deck or on the bases must be wearing a helmet. 


4. Ball in play: 

  1. Once ball is hit into play (foul balls don’t count in the air or on the ground) the player will run to first base (even if the ball is hit 3 feet out of the batter’s box). 

  2. There will be NO outs even if the player is thrown out at first base. 

  3. As each batter hits during the inning players will move up one base at a time.  When the last batter comes up and hits the ball that batter and all of the base runners will come home. 

  4. There will be no doubles, triples, or home runs regardless of how far the ball is hit.  Meaning, each batter/base runner will advance only one base per hit.

  5. There is NO stealing or leading. 


5. Fielding:

  1. Coaches should stand in the field with their team in order to provide fielding instructions. 

  2. Rotate players around to different positions at the start of every inning (coach’s decision).  Players should be at a position where the coach is confident that the player will not get hurt.  Example: Do not put a player on first base if that player cannot catch well. Rotate players at first base so that every player that can catch has an opportunity.  Do not keep players at the same position for every inning of a game. 

  3. Before every pitch is thrown have players get into their ready positions with hand and glove ready and watching the batter. 

  4. The focus of fielding at this level should be on catching the ball and making accurate throws to first base in very a timely manner in order to make an out. 

  5. As the season progresses coaches should be teaching fielders to make plays at all bases.


6. Mid-Point of season: (at coaches’ discretion based on player) 

  1. Tee should no longer be used 

  2. Mid way thru the season simulated games should be played. 

    • Everyone remains in the batting order 

    • Coach still pitches. As outlined above. 

    • Outs will be enforced. When a player is thrown out at a base they will return to the bench. 

    • In this format every batter will still bat no matter how many outs are recorded.