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NBSA COVID 19 Phase II Return to Play Guidelines


Based on Governor Baker’s Workplace Safety and Reopening Standards for entities providing supervised youth sports issued June 3, 2020 (https://www.mass.gov/doc/outdoor-adult-sports-supervised-youth-sports-leagues-summer-sports-camps/download), we are issuing the following guidance relative to the Phase II opening of youth sports.


These Guidelines go into effect June 8, 2020 for the 2020 Northboro Baseball & Softball (NBSA) seasons.


Phase II – Allows for all teams to participate in practicing of baseball outdoors at the Memorial Field Complex (and other NBSA approved fields). All players, coaches, board members and parents will need to follow the following guidelines:

  • No staff and/or parents may transport multiple kids from the team unless they all wear face coverings.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to stay in their cars or social distance in accordance with MA guidance during practice.  NBSA will assign a designated area where parents may stand while practicing social distancing to watch practices (Behind Outfield fence at Casey Field, down the third base fence at Lower Memorial Field and behind the home base fence at Memorial Field).
  • All staff, volunteers, and athletes should bring to NBSA facilities a reusable/washable cloth face covering to wear over their nose and mouth when around others and when social distancing is not possible per MA COVID-19 Order No. 33.
  • All coaches and players will bring their own equipment and water bottles. Players are not allowed to share equipment or water bottles.
  • All coaches and players will be required to have hand sanitizer as part of their equipment bag.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be made available in all dug outs for all coaches and players,
  • All coaches and players are required to use hand sanitizer stations at the beginning and end of each practice.
  • Players equipment will be stored outside the fenced area along either the 1st base or 3rd base line. All bags will be 6 feet apart and hung on the fence if possible. There will be no storage of equipment bags in the dugouts or on the playing field.
  • Players must not congregate in either of the dugout areas. When on the field, all players should practice good social distancing and remain at least 6 feet apart.
  • Managers will go over this guidance with their players prior to the commencement of practice.
  • Manager will assign a dedicated parent or coach to monitor social distancing and compliance with protective actions, as well as prompt other staff and athletes about social distancing, hand hygiene, and the use of cloth face coverings. This individual will help to ensure players are using hand sanitizer prior to practice, and after practice. They will also help guide players on where to place their equipment prior to practices and be sure that good social distancing practices are maintained. This individual will report any issues to the NBSA Safety Officer (Darryl Hey:  darrylhey@gmail.com ).
  • If any member of the team (Coaches, Players, or Parents) feel sick or present symptoms they must remove themselves from play.
  • Practices will be limited to small groups of 10 or less (including coaches), if there is more than 1 group per practice, the groups will NOT be intermingled for the duration of the practice. Once a player and coach are assigned to a group, they will remain with that group for the duration of that practice.  Groups will maintain at least 20 feet apart from other groups at all times.
  • Practices will be configured as team-based activates and must be non-contact with focus on skills and drills that can be developed while maintaining physical distance.
  • There will be no gum or seed consumption on site.
  • All coaches and players should be prepared to remove any trash generated by them during practice (carry in, carry out).  


NBSA is currently and continues to work with the State of Massachusetts and Town of Northborough to ensure we are working to follow the guidelines set by the state. Any questions or concerns are to be directed to the NBSA Board: Northborobaseball@gmail.com