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Summer All-Star / Tourney Teams Selection Process 

Player / Family Commitments 

  1. Each player will need to be available for practice and games throughout the tournament season. If you are going on vacation, you must communicate your availability prior to the tryouts.
  2. Each player’s parent/guardian will need to complete a medical waiver.
  3. Each player’s family will be responsible for staffing the Snack Shack for a single two hour session during the month of June or July.
  4. Each player’s family will be responsible for purchasing NBSA uniform pants, socks, etc.
  5. The Little League Age Matrix will be used to determine player eligibility.

Team Selection Process 

Players for the 9yo, 10yo, 11yo, and 12yo All-Star teams will be selected from players who have played in at least 60% of the regular season games played by that team as of June 15. Teams will consist of 12 players unless a larger number is authorized by the League. Players will be selected by age appropriate coaches based upon the following criteria:

  1. The most highly skilled players as evidenced by the players' performance during the season.
  2. Availability of the players and his/her families to meet the time commitments and obligations required of All Stars.
  3. Any other factors that may, in the coach’s judgment, reflect upon a candidate's ability to play on an All Star team. The objective is to fairly and impartially select the most skilled and competitive team possible for tournament play.
  4. 10s to 12s currently in Majors will be the first group of candidates to be selected.


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