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Northborough Baseball and Softball programs are dependent on the generous support of local businesses and families.  This community support helps us to keep family fees affordable and helps to keep up the quality of the fields and equipment enjoyed by all.
Business Sponsorships

We have an exciting new Sponsorship program for 2021.  Please take a few minutes to review the opportunities and decide where your business would best fit.  Please contact Mike McLaughlin ( ) with any questions.

2021 Sponsorship Program Options

You can sign up online by clicking the NBSA 2020 Sponsorship Online Application button on the left, or you can download the form and mail it in.

2021 Sponsorship Application

Family Sponsorships / Support
Addtiional family support from the baseball community helps to support scholarship programs and keep our operating budget and annual fees at reasonable levels.  If you are interested in offering support, the spring registration process includes an opportunity to contribute any additional amount you wish, which is conveniently included in your registration charge.  This type of support is used to cover ongoing operation costs and is greatly appreciated.

If you wish to offer more significant support and/or are interested in helping to fund specific capital improvement projects, please contact the NBSA President, Mike Flynn, at mikefwrealty@gmail.com.