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Softball Glove - Players must have their own personal glove
  • Pick a material of construction.  There are 3 choices; leather, treated leather and synthetic materials.  Leather gloves offer the most durability and comfort.  Treated leather is softer and easier to break-in.  Synthetic material gloves are lighter, less expensive and are a good choice for a younger player.
  • Try on several different styles of softball gloves. The different styles include open or closed back, deep or shallow pocket, different webbing styles and wrist adjustments.  It comes down to personal preference so let the player decide what style they like.
Softball Cleats - Players must have their own softball cleats
  • Softball cleats deliver the proper support for running, batting, fielding, pitching and catching.  They aid in delivering maximum performance possible.  Shoes that do not offer the proper support can lead to strained ankles, blistered feet, and even muscle cramps.
Softball Pants are required for all ages- Players must purchase their own pants.
  • Softball pants are not part of the supplied uniform
  • Pants MUST be white, gray or black
  • If softball shorts are preferred, shorts MUST be mid-thigh in length and leg sliding pad is strongly recommended.

Mouth Guards - Strongly Recommended for all ages – Many sports injuries can be reduced or prevented by wearing the proper protective gear.

Leg Sliding Pad - Stongly Recommended when wearing shorts.

Equipment Bag - To hold all your sofball gear.

Batting Gloves - Players must have their own personal batting gloves if they choose to use them. This is more common past instructional league.

Softball Helmet - Personal helmets are STRONGLY recommended for personal fit and health reasons.
  • All helmets must have attached faceguards (the umpire will not let a child play without the attached faceguard)
  • Determine what size helmet you need by trying on several.  Place helmet on head, make sure it fits snugly, but not too tightly.
  • You want to be able to shake your head without the helmet shaking with it.
Face Masks/Guard - Starting Spring 2012, Face masks/guards are strongly recomended for all Northborough and Southborough girls playing 1st base, 3rd base and Pitcher.
  • We do strongly recommend each player have their own face mask for health reasons.
  • A player will not be allowed to play these positions without a face guard.

NBSA/COACH PROVIDED EQUIPMENT - NBSA supplies league minimum required equipment to each coach for team use at every game and practice.

Softball Uniform - Team uniform shirts and visors are supplied by the league.

Softball Helmet - Supplied by the league.

Face Mask/Guard - Starting Spring 2012, Each coach will be provided 3 face guards.

Softball Bat - Supplied by the league but personal bats are recommended as a player’s ability increases.

Catcher's Gear - Supplied by the league, however you may use your own at any time. This becomes more popular at the Major and Senior levels when girls develope interest in this position.