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Summer All Star time is fast approaching and the NBSA Board of Directors wants to highlight the process. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Who is eligible to be on the teams?

Players for the All-Star teams will be selected from players who have played in at least 60% of
the regular season games played by that team as of June 15. Teams will consist of 12 players
unless a larger number is authorized by the League. Players will be selected by age appropriate
coaches based upon the following criteria:
1. The most highly skilled players as evidenced by the players' performance
during the season.
2. Availability of the players and his/her families to meet the time commitments
and obligations required of All Stars.
3. Any other factors that may, in the coach’s judgment, reflect upon a
candidate's ability to play on an All Star team. The objective is to fairly and
impartially select the most skilled and competitive team possible for
tournament play.
4. 10s to 12s currently in Majors will be the first group of candidates to be

What commitment is expected?

Players are required to participate in all practices and games for all tournaments. If this
commitment cannot be made, parents must notify the Head Coach before accepting a position
on the team. Failure to do so may result in future ineligibility to participate in All Stars.


Financial Commitment

There is a $160 participation fee for the summer season plus the cost of a tournament jersey (if you need a new jersey).  Team selections will be announced at the conclusion of AAA and Majors playoffs.  You will have 48 hours to confirm your participation through payment.


What if I fail to pay within 48 hours?

Due to the time constraints a new player will be chosen to take your child’s place so it’s imperative to complete the registration process.

Can my child play up an age group?


What All Star teams does NBSA provide?

We will have for teams 9s, 10s, 11s, and 12s.

How are the teams determined?

For the 10s, 11s, and 12s the Majors coaches will select 8 players. The remaining spots will be
picked by the Head Coach.

For the 9s the AAA coaches will select 8 players and the remaining players picked by the Head


Why no tryouts?

How a player performs over the course of the entire season is a far better gauge of a player than a controlled tryout.

Why only 8 players selected to start?

Having four at large bids filled by the Head Coach allows the coach to round out the team as they see fit. This allows the team to be better balanced and fill possible position needs.

How will my child be notified?

Families for the All-Stars teams are notified the week of June 6th.. We know that can make summer planning challenging, but we ask you for patience and flexibility in order that your child can potentially participate fully in the All Star team experience.

Are parents required to volunteer?

Yes. Each player’s family will be responsible for staffing the Snack Shack for a single two hour session in June or July.

What if I haven’t met my volunteer requirement for the regular season?

Volunteer hours must be fulfilled in order for your child to participate.